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Future Art and Culture

SXSW Online

16th – 20th March 2021




Over 500 visits to the ACE Future Art and Culture Booth in the Creative Industries Exhibition

Over 800 SXSW participants favourited our two official panels

Around 300 participants attended each of our six Future Art and Culture panels at UK House

UK House had over 2000 registrations from 64 countries

FAC received extensive international media coverage from Sky News to Rolling Stone


SXSW said:  “The Museums and Opera sessions were really visionary and such important conversations to have at SXSW. Theon Cross in VR generated so much coverage.” 


Official SXSW Engagement


31,112 SXSW Online Registrants 

103 Countries Represented by Attendees


Future Art and Culture SXSW Engagement


ACE Future Art and Culture Exhibition Booth 

546 Digital Booth Visits


SXSW Official Panels


Time Machines - Museums and the Future of the Past

519 Registered Attendees Favourites

273 Unique viewers 


Exploding Opera - When Opera Meets Immersive Tech

286 Registered Attendees Favourites

175 Unique viewers


Music Showcases


BU/Jazz re:freshed Outernational Showcase

1191 Unique Viewers


Afrofuture Sounds Showcase

996 Unique Viewers


UK House Engagement


2,045 registrations

64 countries were represented

7 hours 2 minutes 25 seconds average time spent 


Key Partners: Department of International Trade, Arts Council England/British Underground, Audience of the Future/UKRI, British Council, UK Advertising Export Group



300 average attendance for the six ACE/Future Art and Culture panels British Underground programmed for UK House. 



Of the 30 FAC participants we estimated 60% female to 40% male participation with 27% Black, Asian and ethnic minorities participation across the delegation.


FAC House Engagement


FAC House Website Analytics: March 1st - March 31st

384 unique visitors

2100 page views

32 Countries 


1300 Virtual Theon Cross YouTube views


Press Highlights




“Dream, a show created during the pandemic in 4.5 months, was showcased at SXSW. They used motion capture to integrate the live performers into a magical world that audiences could see, in some cases simultaneously with the real-world performance.”


“Even operas are starting to leverage the power of VR to capture more audience engagement. The “Exploding Opera – When Opera Meets Immersive Tech” session showcased the Royal Opera House’s step into location-based VR.”




“If you think I didn't rock out to tuba player Theon Cross' mocapped jazz performance, you clearly don't know me.”


Sky News 


“Abbey Road goes virtual as jazz musician Theon Cross is turned into 3D avatar for SXSW Festival in Texas”


Rolling Stone 


“The show — which follows similar events like Travis Scott appearing as an avatar in Fortnite, or Lil Nas X performing virtually in Roblox — was produced by British Underground in conjunction with SXSW, with support from Arts Council England’s Future Art and Culture program.”

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