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Tuesday March 16th


UK House Launch Event

8.00 PM GMT (3.00 PM CT)

Featuring Virtual Theon Cross Avatar Performance


Online at UK House 


Wednesday March 17th 


Dream and the Future of Live Performance

9.00 AM to 10.15 AM (GMT)


Host:  Clare Reddington (CEO, Watershed) 

Robin McNicholas (Creative Director, Marshmallow Laser Feast)

Alex Rowse (Senior Producer, Punchdrunk Enrichment)

Luke Ritchie (Head of Innovation & Partnerships, Philharmonia Orchestra)

meriko borogove (Advisor & Technologist)

Diana Williams (Producer and Co-Founder of Kinetic Energy Entertainment) 


Presented by Arts Council England and British Underground 

In partnership with British Council


This exceptional panel of creators, technologists and producers discuss the future of live performance and their respective work innovating on how stories are made and shared. The Royal Shakespeare Company-led production of Dream, which is showcasing at SXSW, is set in a virtual midsummer forest and brings together live performance, virtual production and gaming technology.  Taking this work as our jumping off point we will explore how new technologies change the artistic potential of liveness, togetherness and immersion. Dream is a production from the Royal Shakespeare Company, in collaboration with Manchester International Festival, Marshmallow Laser Feast and Philharmonia Orchestra. It is brought to you by the Audience of the Future Consortium.


Making of Current, Rising 

10.20 AM - 10:35 AM (GMT)


Host:  Annette Mees (Head of Audience Labs, Royal Opera House)

Simon Reveley, (CEO, Figment)


Presented by Arts Council England and British Underground

In partnership with British Council


Current, Rising is a 15-minute hyper reality opera experience, combining virtual reality with a multisensory set, inviting audiences to step into a bespoke ‘Opera Tardis’ and experience a dream-like journey carried musically by a poem layered in song. Developed by a female-led creative team, Current, Rising is a timely experiment blending historic stagecraft, artistic excellence and cutting-edge technology, turning the notion of what it means to go to the opera on its head. The project is a unique collaboration between the Royal Opera House’s innovation programme, Audience Labs and Figment Productions, with audience insight research undertaken by Royal Holloway, University of London. The project is funded by Innovate UK and Figment Productions as part of the “Audience of the Future” programme. Inspired by the liberation of Ariel at the end of Shakespeare’s Tempest, Current, Rising takes four people at a time into its magical universe, traversing together the landscapes of the night, from twilight to dawn – exploring ideas of isolation, connection, and collective reimagination – a prescient moment and experience of our time.”


Spotlight on Japan

10.40 AM - 10.55 AM (GMT)


Speaker - Maurice Jones (Artistic & Communications Director, MUTEK Japan) 


Presented by Arts Council England and British Underground

In partnership with British Council


This Spotlight Session with Maurice Jones, Artistic & Communications Director from MUTEK Japan will offer valuable insights into the Japanese arts, music, and technology sector. What are the key opportunities for connecting and collaborating with the Japan sector through artists, creative producers, and technologists? 


Blowing off Steam:  Festival UK*22 - An Experiment in Creativity

11.00 AM - 11.55 AM (GMT)


Host: Sam Hunt (Programme Director, Festival UK* 2022)

Nwando Ebizie (Artist and Creative Advisor, Festival UK* 2022 R&D)

Pat Kane (Author, Journalist, Musician and Consultant, Festival UK* 2022 R&D)

Elle Osili-Wood, Journalist (Creative Advisor Festival, UK* 2022 R&D) 


Presented by Arts Council England and British Underground 

in partnership with Festival UK*22


A panel discussion exploring how 500 creatives drawn from across the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics were brought together to imagine and design Open, Original and Optimistic concepts that will reach millions and the role of creativity in people’s lives and policy development.


CreativeXR: 60 Prototypes On

12 Noon - 13.00 (GMT)


Host: Liz Rosenthal (Executive Producer, CreativeXR) 

Maddalena Crosti (Programme Lead CreativeXR) 

Ben Lane (Senior Manager, Enterprise and Innovation, Arts Council England)

Darren Emerson (COO, East City Films, producer and director of immersive experiences)

Gaelle Mourre (Writer, Director, Producer Fat Red Bird)

May Abdalla (Executive Producer, Anagram)


Presented by Arts Council England and British Underground 

in partnership with CreativeXR


The CreativeXR accelerator programme was launched in 2017 with the goal of supporting early stage XR projects and helping them navigate and raise funding in the fragmented and ever-changing XR financing ecosystem. Digital Catapult and Arts Council Englad had in fact identified that there was a particular gap in early stage funding for XR content, making it hard for small teams and creators in the UK to develop their own original XR IP. To this date, CreativeXR has run three cohorts and financed and supported development of 60 prototypes of XR content, many of which have gone on to screen at major film festivals, museums, galleries and storefronts. In this panel, we will hear from creators from all three cohorts of CreativeXR, discuss their development processes, explore what future projects might need in order to finish and distribute successfully, and reflect on how the immersive UK landscape has changed since CreativeXR was launched.


Immersive Exchange: Collaborating On Xr Projects Across Borders

14.15 - 15.15 (GMT)


Host:  Rebecca Gregory-Clarke (Head of Immersive, StoryFutures Academy and NFTS) 

Nathalie Clermont (VP Programs and Business Development, Canada Media Fund)

Antoine Cayrol (Producer, Atlas V)

Sandra Rodriguez (Director/Producer, Visiting Lecturer MIT, Member of UCIE Cohort 2020-21)

Persis Jadé Maravala (Artistic Director ZU-UK, Member of UCIE Cohort 2020-21) 


Presented by Arts Council England and British Underground 

in partnership with Storyfutures Academy


International collaborations on immersive media projects can bring huge advantages to creators piecing together the best talent, and the most viable funding options. But it can also be hugely challenging to work across borders, particularly during a pandemic. Following the successful launch of the inaugural UK-Canada Immersive Exchange, this panel will talk about what we have learned so far about international XR co-productions, and why it’s so important for the future of the industry.


The UK Creative sector is coming together to showcase the best of UK advertising, art, tech, immersive technology, music and innovation as part of the GREAT campaign. This year will see the inaugural opening of UK House – the home of creativity. Department for International Trade, UK Advertising Exports Group, Creative Industries Trade and Investment Board (CITIB), the Advertising Association, British Underground, Arts Council England, Future Art and Culture, British Council, Creative Industries Council, Audiences of the Future Live, British Phonographic Industry, UK research and Innovation and London & Partners, have worked together to curate content that considers what we have learnt about the adoption of new and emerging technologies and how it is influencing future developments. UK House will see over 50 speakers take to the stage, host over 10 international knowledge shares, and will host the world’s first VR tuba player- Theon Cross. UKAEG content will address key themes such as the new world, new audience, the rise of the creator economy, the five senses of marketing and entering the metaverse. There will even be some robots on hand to answer your questions. It is a free to attend event for thinkers, makers and investors around the world to meet and hear from leading UK experts. The virtual drive for UK Creativity is seeking to be the biggest from any country this year and all outputs are supported by a marketing drive from DIT.

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